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Dr. Mike Ronsisvalle, Licensed Psychologis - (SKU#: NM26054)

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We are bombarded by information about dieting from
multiple sources: TV, magazines, popular books, and
the internet.  But how often have you lost weight
while on a diet only to gain it back after you go
back to "life as normal."  If you're ready to quit
the yo-yo dieting cycle, the New Life / New Body
series from Reality Radio is for you.  Join
psychologists Dr. Mike Ronsisvalle and Dr. Tammy
Warren as they explain cutting edge new research on
dieting that will revolutionize your life.  After
all, it's not about what you's about why
you eat.

Listen to this exciting Reality Radio series and
- How to focus on you health, not you weight
- How to curb emotional eating
- How to defeat cravings and eliminate the power food
   has in your life
- How to identify your triggers for high-fat,
   high-sugar food
- How to find an exercise program that works for you

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